Strategies for Lasting Prosperity

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I have learned over the years that most people want to have God’s best in their lives. They want to live the best, drive the best and go first class in life. The desire for the best is not the problem; it’s the methods that we use to achieve our desired goal. This is where we violate the biblical laws of God. We cannot achieve God’s best by ungodly ways. I clearly want to lay out God’s plan to prosper you for the long term. (There are others who will give you “get rich quick schemes,” but God’s way will bring lasting prosperity.)
“The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.”(Proverbs 10:22 KJV)

From the outset, I do not want you to filter this wisdom through human traditions or socially acceptable trends. God did not give us the Bible so that culture could critique it. God gave us His Word to guide us into truth. Unfortunately, in the age we live, truth is considered relative. So, what you are reading is truth with a capital “T” which is not open to carnal minds. But if you have ears to hear, you will receive a roadmap to take your life to a new level. Just don’t expect what I say to be logical; However, it will be biblical.
“But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (1 Corinthians 2:14 KJV).

I learned years ago that if I followed the Bible consistently, I would see results. As you continue to read, I want you to know that if you apply these strategies over time, you too will see results. Pastor Bridget and I have built our lives around these principles, and the extraordinary life that we live is because of these simple, yet supernatural steps. If I can challenge you, I would say, “Don’t argue with them, try them with an open heart and you will see the results.”

The foundation of your lasting prosperity is: Become a Tither! You must commit that you will honor God with your finances. Overcome all the objections that you may have learned about faithfully giving to God’s work through the tithe. The tithe is 10 percent of everything that comes into your hands. The tithe is foundational because it is the building block on which all other giving is dependent. You have not given until you have returned the tithe to God.

Because you dedicate to God the first 10 percent of your income, you will show God that He is first in your life. The Bible says, “The purpose of tithing is to teach you always to put God first in your lives.” (Deuteronomy 14:23 LB)

You never see the full manifestation of God’s prosperity until you give to God what is His! And, the tithe is His! When we keep what belongs to God, we are robbing Him. “You people are robbing me, your God. And, here you are, asking, “How are we robbing you? You are robbing me of the offerings and of the ten percent that belongs to me. That’s why your whole nation is under a curse. I am the LORD All-Powerful, and I challenge you to put me to the test. Bring the entire ten percent into the storehouse, so there will be food in my house. Then I will open the windows of heaven and flood you with blessing after blessing.” (Malachi 3:8-10 CEV)

Once you have developed the habit of tithing, then you should Strategically Sow Seed. In addition to consistent tithing, the believer is instructed to give offerings. Offerings are all free-will! There are blessings associated with the offerings that we give. When you strategically learn how to sow offerings for a targeted return, you will see situations change drastically because of your seed. Never forget that God does not respond to need, but He does to seed! “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” (Galatians 6:7 ESV)

You can target your seed to attack a need in your life. Your offerings open the door to an all-sufficient lifestyle!
Systematically Save. There is no miraculous way to amass savings! But, if you commit to giving to God first and then giving to yourself second, then you will see over time that you have a reserve of cash. Everything that comes into your hands should not be spent! Each time you receive increase, you should give God His tithe, purpose to give offerings, save a portion and spend a portion. It may be small in the beginning, but it’s a start! With giving in place; savings will increase! In fact, the blessing to those who are givers is that they will have savings (storage areas) that are full! “Honor the Lord by making him an offering from the best of all that your land produces. If you do, your barns will be filled with grain, and you will have too much wine to store it all.” (Proverbs 3:9-10 GNT)

Confess Financial Prosperity Scriptures Daily. Often we work against our prosperity with the words of our mouths. We must commit today to speaking only those things which agree with God’s Word concerning our prosperity and abundance! God has a plan to promote and prosper you. The enemy has a plan to deplete and destroy you. What comes out of your mouth will determine whose agenda you believe. There is so much negativity concerning finances that people are very comfortable confessing death over their families, finances and their futures. “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.” (Proverbs 18:21 MSG)

By speaking financial prosperity Scriptures on a regular basis, you are using your mouth to assist in bringing you abundance as opposed to keeping you in a struggling state. This manual is full of Scriptures that you can use to confess over your finances, and there is a prosperity confession in the resources section. The degree to which you speak God’s Word will determine your success.

Listen to Financial Prosperity Teaching. What is the dominant source of information into your life? What repetitious information are you rehearsing? If you are only listening to the major news outlets, you are not setting your faith for increase. You are setting your faith for defeat, which is also called fear! “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17 NKJ).

Faith only comes to the believer by hearing, and hearing and hearing God’s Word. What we heard in the past about prosperity will not keep us in faith for prosperity! We need to hear it regularly. Specifically, you should get some of the supplemental resources in the back of this manual and listen to them night and day! They will establish and keep you in a position and attitude of faith concerning your finances. Set a goal to listen to at least one hour of the Word of God on finances daily. You will build faith to see God’s prosperity promises come to pass in your life!

God wants you to have lasting prosperity and these biblically based steps will bring it to pass in your life. I tried it, and it’s proven! For additional financial wisdom, I encourage you to call The Enlightened Word Bookstore at 281.876.5329 and order “The Blueprint Economic Matrix” today.  You may also visit our website at

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