Can You Explain Why Obesity Exists Today?

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Analyst Andrew Weber reports that gym memberships grew enormously after the 1990s. Weber estimated the growth of commercial fitness clubs in the U.S. went from less than 17,000 to almost 30,000 from 2001 to 2008. Prior to the surge in fitness club growth, neither the U.S. Surgeon General nor the Centers for Disease Control had declared an obesity epidemic.

Can you explain why obesity exists today?

There is no written record or historical account of an obesity epidemic prior to now. It does not matter where you research or whether we are talking about ancient Egypt, Asia, Europe or the Middle East, there is nothing on record that suggests a significant number of human beings were obese before 1980. So, why is there an obesity epidemic for the first time in recorded history?

Ruth E. Kott published an article in the University of Chicago Magazine that highlighted Assyriology Professor Jay Gelb. In 1952, Gelb was considered the first scholar to scientifically analyze writing systems. He developed a theory that writing was invented in Mesopotamia.

However, no matter the writing system, whether pictographic, Egyptian hieroglyphics, or small clay tablets, there is nothing suggesting the notion that there was a high percentage of obese people at any time throughout human existence. With this in mind, my question is simple: Why now?  A few questions that should be asked:

  1. Are people overweight because they do not exercise regularly?
  2. Is obesity a result of too much technology?
  3. Have people become lazy?
  4. Do you have any recollection of your mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather leaving their home to attend an exercise class at a local, commercial health club?
  5. Did you know that 24 Hour Fitness was founded in 1983 and there are now over 400 facilities across the U.S?

Americans are not lacking for places to get regular exercise, but as the fitness industry expands in the United States, the obese population continues to expand as well.

I suggest that instead of wasting time and resources on more fitness facilities, we must turn our attention towards the food industry, more specifically, the United States Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration.

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Written by Jay Jackson, CPT

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