One day, it will happen to you as it did to me — when all the hurt you have built up inside comes chasing you like a whirlwind. Damage is its name, fighting many times to get exposure, but ever time it rears its monstrous head, we lift up invisible barriers to protect ourselves. When it can no longer be hidden, it requires a face-to-face meeting to emancipate many years of hurt. One thing I know for sure is that pain is real. We all know that it takes nine months to birth a baby. When he or she arrives, the mother is beyond enthusiastic about allowing this bundle of joy to place a footprint on the world. Now imagine when the mother is not there to carry out this God-given mission. The baby’s
trajectory in life changes forever.

Many people judge others when they have no idea of the suffering they have endured. But God … freedom has come home! The time is now to confront what is hindering and hurting you. You have carried those pains more than nine months — for some, and it has been a lifetime. Freedom has come home! Let us join hands and walk together.
Freedom has come home!

When you realize freedom has come home, you then become a transformative “change agent.” We must actualize the dream by speaking timeless wisdom, learning how to love unconditionally, and healing unhappiness by igniting, informing and inspiring others to help change the trajectory of their lives.

Now, it’s exhilarating to have credentials and qualifications. I have a BS in Accounting, an MBA, and a Masters in Theology, but they never healed my pain. Pain is real, and accomplishments can be used as a disguise to conceal the real hurt. Achievement concealment can only last for a moment. Pain is invisible on the outside and a silent killer on the inside. You feel the need to be defensive about anything people say about you. You want to justify your purpose. Pain wants to manipulate your tenacity into fear, and feelings of not being good enough or unworthy. Sometimes, life throws you an insurmountable mountain of stress and agony that makes you think you can’t go on. However, there comes the point when you say enough is enough; I want freedom no matter what. You begin to release the uncertainty and get into the presence of the Holy Spirit, who have waited patiently for you to come back home. You cannot heal what you desire to conceal.

Freedom has come home. Sunrise gives you optimism, and sunset gives you rest. What you do in between determines your destiny. However, without the freedom to love, it is impossible to succeed. Love is the antidote for all things.

Living a life of fear, doubt and judgment stifle you from enjoying the landscapes of life. These conditional traits are not used to change you for the better; they will destroy you. When you operate with fear and defensiveness, you never fully commit, and nobody really knows you. You tend to give everything else to people, but never yourself. You are afraid of rejection, and you take pride in being “independent.” This life allows you to accomplish many things on the outside, but you hide the authentic you on the inside.

Love is transformative. Love heals all. It is time to move beyond so you can soar. Move today to the authentic state of love, and your trajectory in life will change. Freedom has come home!

Much love,
Monica Johnson

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