3 things you should consider after losing unwanted pounds

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For more than a decade, I have helped people lose unwanted pounds and inches.

As a result, the majority of my studies and fitness related articles have been centered on weight loss, body fat reduction and all things pertaining to obesity. Why is this? It is because over the past several years people began evaluating their overall health by the number on the dreaded weight scale.
There are several problems with focusing on weight loss only: With “fad diets” you may run the risk of nutrient deficiencies. You mistakenly believe you are healthier because you weigh less. You fail to address other health factors because your outer appearance looks better. You don’t intentionally make health a priority. Since you lost some weight you think it is OK to resume unhealthy habits. After getting back into your

After getting back into your favorite pair of jeans, or after hitting the beach (unapologetically) in your stunning two-piece swim suit, in your mind the battle is over. So, now that you have lost weight, the next question is: What do you do when your health and fitness needs go beyond weight loss? I started my career as a fitness professional in 2003 at age 36. The average age range of my clients was somewhere between 25-45 years old. This year I will turn 50, and the new age range is now 45-65 years old. Yes, as I have grown older in the fitness business, my clients have grown older with me. As a consequence, I have had to adjust my message to accommodate my client’s new health concerns. Now I tell them to focus on three things:

Now I tell them to focus on three things: Inflammation: Focus on the problems caused by inflammation. Circulation: Pay attention to diminished blood flow. Oxidation: Be aware of oxidative stress caused by free radical damage. It doesn’t matter the name of the disease, or in what category the disease is found. One of the above three symptoms will undoubtedly appear.
Weight loss and exercise alone is not enough to obtain optimal health. The term “health” pertains to how well your vital organs are functioning, not how much you weigh. My new message sounds like this, “Many of what you call age-related illnesses
can be prevented if we start taking better care of ourselves sooner rather than later.” Did you know the Centers for Disease Control predicts brain disease as the second ranked illness behind heart disease in by the year 2020?
Age-related illness does not start after we enter into our 50s, 60s and 70s. It is quite the opposite. Age-related illnesses are
initiated while we are in our 20s and 30s — or even sooner in some cases. With this in mind, do not make the mistake of waiting until you are over 40 to start addressing your health concerns. If you are already over 40, please take immediate action
toward your health.

In part 2 of this article, I will introduce you to some key ingredients found in “super foods” that could help in age-related disease

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Written by Jay Jackson, CPT

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