Keep calm and bat your lashes: The best for your fringes

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A time  to grow: Recovering from hair trauma”

Oops! You tried that new style and something went left.  Now you find yourself facing the mirror with hair loss, breakage or damage. Dry those tears, if you follow these simple steps you can recover your crown in a few short months 

1 Hydrate 

You’d be surprised how simply drinking water will speed up your recovery. Your hair is much like a plant, If you water  it will grow. The same is to be said about pruning, regular trims also stimulate growth 

 2. Nourish 

Feed your hair nutrient rich vitamins. My favorite are Hair skin and nails by I was shocked at how fast my hair grew while taking them. Now all of my friends are hooked and can boast of long thick heathy hair. Talk about squad goals

 3. Moisturize 

Start with the scalp black Jamaican castor is the best hands down. It actually contains properties that alkalines the hair and opens the cuticle while deeply moisturizing the scalp 

Next hydrate your stands. Madame CJ Walker has a new line of phenomenal products for every hair type. The defining butter cream keeps my hair soft and moist for days, I live for the amazing smell it has as well 

  1. Protect Make the switch to heat free styles or protective styles. There’s so many stylish new options from weaves wigs units braids locks crotchet corn rows and roller/ rod sets. A simple search on instagram or YouTube will give tons of options and tutorials 
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