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Epitome™ Magazine publication and website is to inform the public about principles of everyday life. We have a commitment to be a platform that profiles a variety of informational issues such as spirituality, family, health, and finances as a tangible publication for your everyday walk in life. We will build our legacy as a caring and responsible publication of spreading the truth, and desirable ideas for conduct of our people in the communities we serve.

Publication Features

  • Word of Wisdom - Inspiration    

    • Monthly Sermon

    • Diet Free Life
    • Testimony
    • Role Model of the Month: Covenant Connection
    • Spot Light
    • Finance

    • Fitness: Mind Body & Soul
    • Student Achiever
    • Man to Man Real Talk
    • Visionary 
    • Ministry from the Woman's Heart
    • Poetry: Spoken Word
    • Recipes
    • Inspirational Books
    • Ask Pastor Rudy
    • New Artist
    • Ministry from a Single's Heart 
    • Close each issue with Monthly Prayer

Advertising Inquiries
We can tailor packages for you in print, web, and signature events. Please contact Epitome™ Magazine at 1.888.705.7733 or email Epitome or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Epitome™ Advertisers/Partners
Current and previous clients and advertisers include: The Potter's House, Bishop TD Jakes Ministries, Rejoice Music Soul Food, AARP, Urban American, Diet Free Life, McDonald Gospel Tour, Abingdon Press, Miss-A-Meal, Methodist Charlton Medical CenterMobile Axept, Live Stream TV, Bishop I.V. Hillard Ministries, Glamour RX, United Methodist Church, King and Brown Enterprise, Joy & Company, Fast Acten, True Believers Inc, Spiritual Sweets, Silky Soft, Buckner Children's Services, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Haberd Ashery Custom Apparel, MOD Audio, Double Tree Hotel - Orlando FL, Community Missionary Baptist Church of Desoto, DStyles, God in Charge Ministries, Ballard Insurance, Global Gospel Broadcasting, Classical Tactical Training Academy, Nationwide Insurance (Kevin McKee Agency), Canaan Christian Church, Global Hair Concepts, Inc., AAA Shea Butter, Millennium Motors Cars, Just Hangin' Around Promotions, State Farm, Mountain Top Records, The LoveGroup :: Creative Solutions, WUF 1080AM radio.

Epitome™ Magazines are available for $3.99 per copy at the following locations:
    • Concord Church, Dallas, TX
    • New Breed Christian Center Book Store, Fort Worth, TX
    • St. John Church, Grand Prairie, TX

Epitome™ Magazine has reached readers in 44 states:
Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Connecticut, Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, Ohio, Oregon, Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, District of Columbia, Virginia, Iowa, Maryland, California, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Arizona, Missouri, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Indiana, West Virginia, Colorado, Delaware, Minnesota, and New Mexico

Epitome™ Magazine has reached readers in differnt countries and continents:
Japan, Bahamas, Iraq, Kenya, Canada, Haiti, Africa, Guam, Netherlands and West Indies

Our Philosophy / What We Believe
Epitome™ Magazine serves as a tool to impact individuals everyday walk in life.
Epitome™ Magazine is about the Gospel and not Gossip!
Epitome™ Magazine speaks about the truth about real life events and circumstances.
Epitome™ Magazine helps people gain faith and a sense of direction.
Epitome™ Magazine promotes awareness in the community.
Epitome™ Magazine provides a network for ministering to the public.
Epitome™ Magazine influences the lives of individuals from a holistic approach.
Epitome™ Magazine demonstrates a sense of pride in our contribution with each publication to effectively change lives.

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